Enable your customers and employees with disabilities to use your products and systems effectively

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United Nations Children's Fund
Morgan Stanley
United Nations Population Fund
Washington State Government
Government of India

NClude accessibility portal

SaaS platform providing continuous accessibility feedback and remediation for your websites, apps and documents

Ensures conformance with WCAG, Section 508, ADA, PDF/UA and other global standards

Continuous testing and reporting

AI-powered contextual remediation

Creation of VPAT and disclosure for demonstrating compliance

Test your webpage for accessibility

Screenshot from the Incskill web accessibility portal displaying compliance reports and test scheduler Screenshot from the Incskill web accessibility portal displaying analytics

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Incskill for businesses

Develop accessible products for your customers and employees with disabilities

Ensure compliance with accessibility laws

Tap into the disability market (~$13T disposable income)

Stand out in procurement processes

Incskill for education

Provide equitable academic access for your students with disabilities

Ensure compliance

Expand your reach

Create a culture of inclusion

About Incskill

Founded by people with disabilities with lived experience and decade's of accessibility, engineering and AI experience, Incskill strongly believes in the power of technology to enable developers and content creators to develop more accessible internet for people with disabilities.

Our Vision

Digital access has opened up massive opportunities to develop skills, find meaningful career opportunities, work effectively, and live independently.

People with disabilities have not been able to take equal advantage due to lack of digital accessibility.

We are on a mission to help organizations provide delightful experiences to their students, employees and customers with disabilities.

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